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The Best Bitcoin Betting Sportsbook in the Market

The Best Bitcoin Betting Sportsbook in the Market

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Technology News |

Sport betting is one of the most interesting ways of being part of the sport itself; however, the process is not as easy as it sounds. There are many types of sport betting today in the Bitcoin fraternity which involves a deeper analysis; the only way which can make you enjoy the betting is when you have a full guide about it. That can only be fulfilled by no other way a part from using Bitcoin Sportsbook as your guide, since the sport involves paying your money to participate you need to be more keen.
What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital cash known as Cryptocurrency that’s available outside the confines of flat money; the title of Cryptocurrency is derived from the cryptographic face of Bitcoin’s Public Ledger known as the Blockchain. It’s here where all transaction of this nature is recorded in real time.
Licensed Bitcoin Sportsbook: 

It pumps real level of legitimacy betting in Cryptocurrency. The book came to existence as a result of pure passion and need for such a guide in sports-betting and Bitcoin trading, users can be rest assured of the quality and value the Sportsbook is bringing. It’s one of the well planned and comprehensive Bitcoin and online sports betting sportsbook that everyone will surely like to use, it comes with every type of matches, sports and in-play-betting in the market.

Betting On All Sport: 

Bitcoin sportsbook covers many type of on online betting-markets on Bitcoin industry, it has many sports to bet on online like; basketball betting, Tennis betting, Football betting, UEFA Champion League betting, English Premier League Betting, NLF betting, NBA betting plus more online sports betting. Betting is also possible live in-play 24 hours and 7 Days weekly on the sportsbook, and all sports which are available to watch can also be bet on.
Secure, Safe and Reliable Betting: 

BitcoinGamblingSites.com is one of its kinds in the industry eager to bring openness and integrity, since it’s the first to be recognized list of the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites. This is more so due to its advanced and reliable encryption technology, it is ideal for 100% secure and personalized transaction in the system. Depositing your money can be done in seconds with easy withdrawals just within a day or 24 hours, though the withdrawals period mostly take less time than 24 hours in most cases. But this is even convenient to customers since there is always a dedicated customer service to help with any queries.
Bitcoin Sportsbook is unique in its features since its demystifying Cryptocurrency gambling, it has a variety of online sports to play and bet on in real time, contact BitcoinGamblingSites.com for more details about the sportsbook.

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Top Technologies We Can Expect In Upcoming Years

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Computer Tech, Mobile, Technology News |

Upcoming TechnologiesComputer technologies are the fastest growing and changing branch of the industry, and almost everyday there are good and groundbreaking news coming from all over the world. It’s hard keeping track of the changes and staying up to date with today’s standards as they are surpassed and changed all the time. We bring you news from the tech industry so you don’t have to look to far and these were the most interesting ones from past few weeks.

Broadband standard changes

American Federal Communication Commission has voted on changing the present standard for broadband connection speed. So far, the standard was 4Mbit for download and 1Mbit for upload speed. New proposal wouldBroadband standard changes bring the standard up to 25Mbit download and 3Mbit upload speed. This is clearly showing how fast the technology is advancing and how new demands are shaping new standards for the industry. One of the main reasons for such a plan seems to be the streaming of 4K streaming television, an ultra high definition type of image quality. This proposition is being debated as a lot of Americans are having lower Internet speeds and they are yet to catch up to the standards, as well as the attitude of internet providers that are still reluctant to make the change.

Magnetic graphene

You may have heard about graphene before: the super conducting, stable and strong materialGraphenedna pitched as the future of microprocessors and one of the rocks that will start the great wave in the computer industry, and technology as we know it. Why you might not have heard about it is due to the fact that scientists mostly abandoned it as it has no magnetic properties needed for the concept to actually work. We sad mostly, not totally. What happened is that a team of science researchers based in California succeeded to make the first magnetic sheet of graphene! And this one seems to be able to keep its conducting abilities together with magnetic ones. There is a lot of science behind it, but what will be interesting to follow is a story of how this event is going to play out in the future.

Human charger

Human ChargerRemember the gloomy futuristic Matrix scenario, where humans are turned into chargers for supercomputers that rule the world? Well, future is here! in a way. Scientists from University of Singapore are developing a chip that will allow smaller mobile devices to be charged with electricity produced by your body movement. They presented the device that can produce electricity from a patch-like chip attached to the skin and used it to charge a wearable motion tracker! While this doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to charging cables, this is certainly a big step in the evolution of computer science and technology and we may see a lot of results based on this concept, as possible application concepts are numerous!

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